We are a Czech company that develops our own brands, i.e. LOAP and LOAP KIDS.

We sell the LOAP brand via specialized sportswear shops or e-shops of our business partners.



logo loap

LOAP, sportswear brand, has been the company´s flagship since 1993. We develop our comfortable sportswear and outdoor outfit so as to be not only trendy but mainly serviceable and in line with their designed purpose. The LOAP products are found both in specialized sportswear stores and e-shops, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries. More information on the brand and products is available at: www.loap.cz


LOAP kids

LOAP-kids-logoDesigned for children between 3 and 14 years of age, the products of this brand are a result of the endeavor developed by the Czech designers and product engineers that excel not only in their original design solutions but mainly in their outstanding serviceability. The focal point of our effort is the most precious treasure we have – our children. The goal of our endeavor is to make them feel pleasant and unmolested so as to be able to do what they like most, such as outdoor games, tours, or various sports activities during rainy falls or frosty winters. More information on the brand and products is available at: www.loapkids.cz